Application industry of magnesium chloride

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1. Commonly used as the road ice melting agent, ice fast, less corrosive to vehicles, less destructive to the soil, liquid can be used as road anti-freezing.Before the coming of winter, when the precipitation is more, we will see spraying vehicles will be sprayed on the road, in order to prevent road ice, vehicle skidding caused accidents.

2. Dust removal, because of its characteristics, it can absorb moisture in the air, used in dusty areas, to prevent the diffusion of fine particles in the air, commonly used scenes such as excavation sites, sports venues, horse farms and other places where dust needs to be controlled.

3. Hydrogen is obtained through the catalyst. Since ammonia can be absorbed by the surface of solid magnesium chloride, slight heating can release ammonia from the surface of magnesium chloride, so this compound can be used to store hydrogen.

4. Cement manufacturing, because of its non-flammable nature, is often used in a variety of fire protection equipment.In the textile and paper industry to make full use of this point.

5. Our common cosmetics and skin care products, is to use it as a viscosity control agent.

6. In our washing products, it is used as a softener and fixing agent.

7 decolorization, decolorization of reactive dyes is very useful, because industrial magnesium chloride is a natural decolorization agent.

8. In silica gel products, magnesium chloride can make the hygroscopicity more obvious.

9. Magnesium chloride is also the raw material of fluorescent paint.

10. As the raw material of the surface insulation coating in the integrated circuit board.

11 ceramic, we see the ceramic is very beautiful, beautiful, the surface is not only good but also very shiny, and the hardness is relatively high, but also because magnesium chloride is used as an additive for polishing ceramics, can improve the luster of ceramics and strengthen the hardness.

12. The ink we use is a bright color, and magnesium chloride is also involved as a moisturizer and particle stabilizer for the colored powder.

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