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Working principle of drum dryer: hot flue gas is directly transported to the central fire cylinder of the dryer. At the end of the central fire cylinder, hot flue gas enters the plate passage through the connecting pipe and is discharged from the exhaust hood.The wet material process is: by the flue gas inlet through the feeding pipe into the dryer outer cylinder and the central fire cylinder in the annular channel, the inner wall of the outer cylinder is raised and scattered, in the dual role of conduction and radiation to evaporate the water.

1, the characteristics of the dryer process


(1) According to the requirements of drying temperature, the central fire tube can be made of carbon steel and stainless steel and other different materials.


(2) the outer surface of the central fire tube can be arranged according to the heat transfer of a number of longitudinal fins, arbitrary adjustment of heat transfer area.


(3) The hot flue gas and wet material are isolated from each other, and the natural color of the material is completely maintained.


(4) Because there is no mass transfer and heat transfer process between hot flue gas and wet materials, the waste flue gas discharged by the exhaust hood can be recycled, which is conducive to reducing coal consumption and thus reducing production costs.


(5) the expansion joint is arranged on the connecting pipe, and the problem of the connecting pipe fracture is caused by the excessive expansion.


(6) Both sides of the exhaust hood are sealed with steel glue, so that the smoke is basically free from leakage.

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